More Ledford Descendent Photos

Photo Gallery

These are random photos taken by several different family members, some taken at the family reunion.

Isaac - October 2002

This is Isaac enjoying his birthday. His Mother is Tanya, his grandmother is Peggy and his great grandmother is Onie Ledford Mullins Varney.
Pat and Jim

One of the Younce girls and husband. They look very happy, but this was before his arm got broken!

Chris, Celia and Royce

Christmas 2002 - Younce Descendents enjoying opening presents. This is the grandson of Edna Ledford Younce and two of her great grandchildren.

Robert at his graduation - I told you I had a cousin that had been institutionalized! He is the oldest son of Ruth Ledford Helvey

Chris, Lisa and Leeann

Chris Barker, Lisa Barker Champ and Leeann Barker McKinney - This picture was taken on Lisa's wedding day.

Jesse, Leeann, and Celia

Younce Descendents at Christmas 2002. This Mother and Children Photo was sent in by Aunt Lisa and Sister Lisa. This is Edna Ledford Younce's granddaughter and great granchildren.